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PADI - Aims of Education

Child-Centered and not merely teacher-oriented in its methodology, in planning and in implementation.
Content- oriented to values every lesson and every subject be taught with a value-orientation.

Client-oriented a greater emphasis be given to the education of dalits, tribals and especially to the girls from these two sectors of society.

Community-involvement the families and the communities should be involved in the education process, in the planning of the syllabus to make it relevant to the needs of the community in the execution, in the teaching, the examinations and evaluations.

Culture friendly:-that the education be faithful to the local culture of the children and their communities, to their language, their expressions in art, music and life styles.

TO sustain locally existing human and people oriented values in the primary education process, e.g. tribal and dalit values.
To help the rural teachers to understand and learn skills and new teaching method to improve the teaching and the children’s creativity
To identify local resources and utilize them in the education process
To motivate more and more child-centered and creative activities in primary schools .
To actively involve teachers in the educational process e.g. in the preparation of text books ,and directly influencing the Government Education Policy.
To prepare guidelines, to find out new trends in education and to help the teachers to develop their skills through on-site demonstrations.
To get teachers to share their experience and contribute their ideas among themselves so that they come to know and work with each other in close collaboration.
To motivate and guide the teachers in research hand studies pertaining to rural primary education
To prepare and disseminate learning materials and teaching aids wherever needed in the rural areas.
To document and disseminate information a by promoting field based research and publish literature on social issues through the resource Unit of Media , Press and Communication for Empowerment.