Campaign Against Child Labour – Karnataka



  1. To create alternative learning systems for children through meetings, forums, camps etc.
  3. To organize and empower women by setting up alternative banking systems, learning space to read and write, taking up their issues.
  5. To organize and empower youths through trainings, meetings and address their issues.
  7. To facilitate natural resource management by common people.
  9. To participate and create network of voluntary civil society, community and mass organizations on child rights policy issues.

Overall Objective

Child marriages reduced. Rights of children particularly girl's enhanced.

Specific Objectives

  1. Children, youths and adolescent girl's participation enhanced to protect their rights.
  2. Women and men's groups are strengthened and they are participating in the protection of child rights.
  3. Child marriage taking place in the mass marriages significantly reduced and civil society groups and community based organizations on the issue of child rights vis-à-vis child marriage sensitized
  4. Convergence of Government departments, to effectively enforce mechanism to end child marriage practices strengthened.
  5. Strengthened campaign and strong network at district levels to end child marriages.