Aids to Spread the Movement

This aspect includes reports and photos to document our meetings training and seminars. We also document publications, Gazetteers, paper clippings which are linked with the issues Valored strives to address. A collection of CDs and Cassette which could be enlightening for teachers and community leaders are also included. The studies conducted are helpful as strong tools for advocacy with the public and for creating public opinion on eductational issues.

The Four RC's have their own Documentation units where people come and read, and refer and this is a great help in analysing the past and planning their future.

Publication : Mathukathe, is a newsletter which is a collective voice of Valored and its network.The need of having a Newsletter with relevent contents which would help the teaching community was raised by the teachers.Valored too needed to be in touch with its core network of teachers and community Motivated by this need the newsletter "MATHUKATHE"(Dialogue) was initiated.Originally, it consisted of just a few pages,but because of increased contributions of articles and complexities of problems facing primary education, it has now become a magazine of about thirty pages.This has proved to be a platform for the teachers to share their experiences and seek solutions to their problems arising from primary education .They find in this newsletter a ready outlet and an answer to several of their teaching problems ."Mathukathe" is tremendously growing in not only its volume but in its readership and bringing teachers together on several relevant issues.Interest for creativity in children and teachers has been awakened .

Audio cassetts and films:

SAKSHI: This is a documentry film of 15' produced by Valored on the impact of migratory labour on children as a consequence of which children are robbed of their basic rights of food ,shelter ,clothing,and education.When the elders of the family go in search of labour invariably the children are made to do all the small household chores in their temporary hutments.

An Audio cassette Nimma Makkalu (your children) was another production of Valored.It is a collection of songs pertaining to children,child rights and problems of children .The attractive tune and music has received great response from people,schools and organizations working with children's issues.