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Goals & Objectives

The objects and mission statement of CHILDLINE

CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, toll free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection linking them to long-term services for their care and rehabilitation. Any child and concerned adult can call 1098 and access the CHILDLINE service any time of the day or night.
A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children
CHILDLINE will reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection through the 4 Cs:

• Connect through technology to reach the ‘last mile’.

• Catalyze systems through active advocacy.

• Collaborate through integrated efforts between children, the state, civil society, corporate and community to build a child friendly social order

Communicate to make child protection everybody’s priority.

Objectives of CHILDLINE 1098

i) To reach out to every child in need of care and protection by responding to emergencies on 1098 and by physically reaching out to children.

ii) To adapt and integrate telecommunication technology, linking all districts to the service of 1098, and making it available to all children in need of care and protection.

iii) To provide a platform of networking amongst organizations and to provide linkages to support systems that facilitates the rehabilitation of children in need of care and protection.

iv) To work together with the Allied Systems (Police, Health Care, Juvenile Justice, Transport, Legal, Education, Communication, Media, Political and the Community) to create child friendly systems.

v) To advocate for services for children that are inaccessible, non-existent or inadequate.

vi) To create a body of NGOs and Government organizations working within the national framework and policy for children.

vii) To be a nodal child protection agency in the country, providing child protection services to children in need of care and protection.

viii) To set up innovative child protection services leveraging technological advancements in areas where such services are inaccessible, non-existent or inadequate

ix) To undertake research with the objectives of strengthening the CHILDLINE 1098 service, and studying new and emerging trends in child protection issue

x) To contribute and work towards strengthening and participating in a global movement that addresses issues related to child protection and ensures that children’s voices are heard.

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