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Federation activity
  1. Meetings:Monthly administration meeting and quarterly meetings of executive committee of federation is been taking place to administer the federation in effective way.
  1. Monitoring of ERCs:
  • As a head of all education resource centers it monitors all ERC transaction and administration, programmes and finance
  • Facilitation in Planning and implementation of Programmes ,activities and in advocacy
  • Supportive guidance towards, trainings and updations in different subjects to equip the committee members to function effectively
  • Guidance towards resource mobilization towards sustainability
  1. Advocacy :
  • Issues based consultation with the entire target group related to the federation and time to time necessary advocacy action.
  • Leading role is been taken to represent member resource centers
  • Writing project proposals to get projects for the ERCs
  1. Membership and linkages: federation has connected with state level networks PAFRE, CACL-K, BGVS, KGVS, sanchalana .RTE Forum, KCRO
  1. Existing resource:
  • Highly skilled trainers team in quality education Gender POCSO, RTE act, DV, SDMC, JJ Act. RTI.
  • Poster on educations, girl child, Child right Grama Sabhas
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