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The Objectives by which we would achieve these was to

Work with communities unmindful of their caste or creed but to concentrate specially on the weaker sections of society and specially those based in rural areas

To strengthen the formal education system and making it more effective, relevant and useful for the children of the underprivileged and marginalized section of society.

To work with the teachers towards making primary education child-oriented.

To make the schools community-centred where the community is involved in every aspect of the running of the school and framing the syllabus.

To have a network of teachers. Teachers too are adults who are the products of the prevalent value system and hence may not be ready for a change. Hence have seminars and workshops on relevant topics which will enable them to think, reflect and act and pass this on to the children placed under their care.

To liaison with the government along with the local communities, the teachers and the local Panchayats when and where change is necessary in the field of education.

To spread the practice of democratic values of equality, respect for every one rich or poor; educated or non educated, literate or illiterate, respect for women and the girl child; cooperation versus competition, sharing versus self accumulation.

To create public awareness regarding children’s problems especially the negative biases towards the girl child, child labour and child rights.

To work for the promotion of:
Child Rights.
Equality – Equal opportunity and status for children of both sexes.
Eradication of child labour system.
Education and health for all children.

Since values have to be caught and not taught this could be done in our teaching methodologies, the teachers’ dealing with the children and the harmonious involvement of all interested in the welfare of the children bearing in mind that every player in this field of education is equally important.

To let this movement spread in an organized way to the different taluks and to the district as a whole.

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