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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PADI?
PADI is a registered society that aims at working towards education for creation of just humane society.

2. What does it work for?
It works for quality education and child rights.

3. What is the full form of PADI?
It is not an abbreviation, but the meaning of PADI is equal.

4. What is VALORED? How is it connected to PADI?
VALORED is a project of PADI. VALORED stands for value oriented education.

5. Which are the other projects of PADI?
The other projects are CHILD LINE, CACL-K and special Educators for special children.

6. What do you mean by quality education?
Such education where values, such as bias views on gender discrimination, child rights, girl child education, are not inculcated in the children for a healthy and loving upbringing.

7. In which areas does PADI/VALORED work?
It works in two districts namely Udupi and D.K. In Udupi it has adopted 3 taluks  namely,Udupi, Kundapura and Karkal. In D.K it has adopted 5 taluks namely Mangalore,       Bantwala,Putter,Sulya and Belthangady.

8. What is the method adopted to spread the concept of VALORED?
In each of the above taluks an education resource centre has been formed and it is through these resource centers that VALORED’s activities, programmes are carried out.

9. Who are the members of this Resource Centre?
Representatives from the local community based organizations, teachers, SDMC members, youth leaders, Panchyath members, media personal, local NGOs, local community leaders, educational activists, women activists, Dalith activists and child right activists.

10. What are the activities they carry out?
Awareness and training programmes on Child rights, quality education, adolescent education, RTE, SDMC, gender, HIV/AIDS, various acts related to children (J.J Act  POCSO,etc).

11. Is the RC registered?
The 5 RCs of D.K and 3 RC’s of Udupi have got together to form into two Federations in these two districts i.e. D.K Federation and Udupi Federation.

12. What is CHILDLINE?
This is a project to help the children. CHILDLINE 1098 is a 24×7 toll free emergency  service for children in need of care and protection.

13. What help does child line give?
It has a toll free number 1098 that you can call when you need help.

14. Who can dial this number?
Any child/concerned adult on behalf of the child can dial 1098 to avail of emergency assistance.

15. When do we call this number?
Any time of the day or night, it is a 24 hour free service call number.

16. Who sponsors this programme?
CHILDLINE is a civil-society-government partnership under the aegis of the Ministry of  Women and Child Development (MWCD), Government of India.

17. What is CACL-K?
Campaign Against Child Labour in Karnataka.

18. What does it works for
To strengthen organizations of children, youth, vulnerable women and community members in order to end child marriage and ensure protection of Child Rights.

19. How it works?
Advocating and lobbying against child marriage through campaigns,rally,Jatha and publication of IEC materials to reduce child marriage.

20. What is the meaning of PAFRE?
People Alliance for Fundemental Right to Education.

21. Why was it formed?
For the stock taking of RTE implementation in Karnataka state and lobbying with the Govt.to set right the loop holes noticed through the stock taking report.

22. What is CFE-QES?
CFS-QES stands for Child Friendly Environment that supports Quality Education in Schools, a project of PADI that is supported by EU.

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