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Federation activity
  1. Meetings:Monthly administration meeting and quarterly meetings of executive committee of federation is been taking place to administer the federation in effective way.
  1. Monitoring of ERCs:
  • As a head of all education resource centers it monitors all ERC transaction and administration, programmes and finance
  • Facilitation in Planning and implementation of Programmes ,activities and in advocacy
  • Supportive guidance towards, trainings and updations in different subjects to equip the committee members to function effectively
  • Guidance towards resource mobilization towards sustainability
  1. Advocacy :
  • Issues based consultation with the entire target group related to the federation and time to time necessary advocacy action.
  • Leading role is been taken to represent member resource centers
  • Writing project proposals to get projects for the ERCs
  1. Membership and linkages: federation has connected with state level networks PAFRE, CACL-K, BGVS, KGVS, sanchalana .RTE Forum, KCRO
  1. Existing resource:
  • Highly skilled trainers team in quality education Gender POCSO, RTE act, DV, SDMC, JJ Act. RTI.
  • Poster on educations, girl child, Child right Grama Sabhas
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Federation Objectives

There is the famous saying that in unity there is strength. PADI and the RC members of all the taluks in D.K. and Udupi district realized at the long run that in order to carry out advocacy with the education department, or to obtain any government programmes, or to conduct collaboration programmes with the Government department or in organizing any educational programmes at the district or state level it is necessary that all the taluk RCs get united as one. It was this concept that gave rise to the formation of the Federation at the two districts of Udupi and D.K.


To strengthen the community participation to establish a qualitative and value based educational environment.

To sensitize the community members on the importance of providing qualitative education to all primary and High school children and to create an environment to achieve the same.

To promote egalitarian values like casteless, classless, gender sensitive, secular values in schools and motivate them to incorporate these values effectively.

To strengthen the Village education committee, to ensure quality education at the village level.

To build a network of educationist who are interested in educational development, to respond to the ongoing needs of the education sector and thereby initiating a educational movement.

To motivate the citizens to participate actively to build a conducive environment for the protection of child rights as well as to provide qualitative education to all children.

To implement value based and other educational activities in collaboration with Governmental Departments

To plan and implement value based education in collaboration with Community Based Organization and Voluntary Organization

To form, revive and motivate the Taluk Education Resource Centres to achieve the Federations goals and objectives.

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