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Training on Field Practicum

Credit System

Sl.No TOPICS Max. credits-100 Min. credits-80
subject wise

Part A (Compulsory)

1 Development workshop 40 30
2 Conceptual clarity/VIVA 40 30
3 Fund Raising  40 20
3 RTI 30 20
4 Case work 20 10
5 Group work 20 10
6 Documentation 20 10
7 Reporting 20 10
8 Understanding  organization 20 10
Total: 250 150

Part B (Optional)

1 Writing skills 10
2 Presentation/uses of equipments 10
3 Administration  contribution 10
4 Utilizing talents 10
5 Survey 10
6 Campaign 10
7 Innovative initiative 10
8 Camps 10
9 Fund raising 10
10 Development theatre 10
Total: 100
Minimum  credits for  part A 150 60% 
Attendance 75% Compulsory
Minimum hours 250 hours
Above 90% A+
Above 80%to 89% A
Above 70%to 79% B+
Above 60 % to 69% B


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Training Programme



PADI is a Registered society that aims at working towards Education for creation of just humane society.  This society is established as a public, secular, service institution, serving the underprivileged irrespective of their caste, religion or creed, with a special emphasis on service for the weaker sections of society in the areas of education and social development.  Having the objectives i.e., to strengthen the formal education system, undertake and assist Community Development Programmes, to create public awareness regarding children Problems, child labour, child rights especially the prevalent HIV+ve.

Working towards quality Education for creation of just a humane society PADI-VALORED that started in 1993, got registered in 2004 has now completed 19 years of fruitful service in the field of Education.  Child Rights, gender, Health/HIV/AIDS, studies And various services.  Since 2012 PADI serving for  CHILDLINE INDIA FOUNDATION as collab Organisation.  Its 24 * 7 Child Helpline and striving for the protection of Children.  Organisation has Right to Education Cell which facilitate the general public with RTE related problems.

PADI-VALORED is not only well recognized by the Education Department but also by Women & Child Development and Health departments.  Hence department avail the services of PADI in their programme as collaboration work or as Resource persons.   Working hand in hand with the Department has also helped PADI-VALORED in achieving many of our objectives.  Popularity and rapport built with the Education Department has enabled PADI to demand for enforcement of some of our resolutions made with regards to Child Right Protection and Education,  SDMC and Teacher Network.  This recognition appreciated by various Institution of Social Work like, St. Aloysius College, Sreenivas College, M.V. Shetty College, Karavali College, Mangalore University, Govt MSW College-Vitla, SDM College, Meredian College, St. Philomena College, Roshini Nilaya of Dakshina Kannada and  Milagres College, MGM College, Govt. MSW College-Thenkanidiyur, Manipal University of Udupi District deem it fit to place their students for field practice in our organization.

Hence to make this Field Practice more meaningful and enriching PADI feels justify in delegating it’s services to the Trainee/Students through a proper CERTIFIED COURSE

Objective of  Field Practice in the Organisation:

  1. To provide continuous learning cum Experience
  2. To acquire Field knowledge and professional Field skills to practice Social work
  3. To learn and exhibit appropriate Professional Behavior, ethics and values
  4. To develop Self-awareness necessary for professional Performance
  5. To carry out any assignment, Independent Work, Research/ Documentation etc, useful to the Trainee/student
  6. To develop the overall capacity of the student/trainee in Social Development skills

Interactive Learning : The Students involve themselves in interactive sessions with PADI and their supervisors.

Students Responsibility: .

  1. To maximum use of the Organisation library and documentation Centre.
  2. To make the best use of the opportunities given by the Organisation
  3. To submit time to time all the work assignments with proper documentation to the Organisation.
  4. To strictly follow the policies ie Work Place Policy and Child Right policy of the Organisation.
  5. To follow the Organisation holidays and leave procedure
  6. To involve the theory and practical activities of Fund Raising
  7. To abide for the Credit system assessment procedures.
  8. To be Professional responsible by being regular and punctual in Field work.
  9. To be aware of your attitude and feeling in handling individuals, group work and dealing with community people.

Eligibility Criteria:  Students who are doing their MSW studies in recognized colleges

Duration :  1 year

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