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How We Work

PADI is a registered society that aims at working towards Education for creation of just human society.  This society is established as a public, secular, service institution, serving the underprivileged irrespective of their caste, religion or creed, with special emphasis on  service for the weaker sections of society in the areas of education and social development having the objectives i.e., to strengthen the formal education system, undertake and assist Community Development Programmes, to create public awareness regarding children Problems, Child Labour, Child Rights, gender, Health/HIV/AIDS, studies And various services.  PADI is well recognized not only among various Government line Department in District of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada, but also at Karanataka State.  Hence department avail the services of PADI in their programme as collaboration work or as Resource persons.

Project-1: Quality education in Govt.  Primary Schools in Karnataka:

PADI through this project reaches out to children of 52 Schools from rural and remote areas, Teacher, SDMC and Community. PADI strongly believe in working with collaboration with the Government department and conduct various programme. As a result we are able to bring constructive changes and also sensitize the community in child rights.

Major focus area

  1. Strengthening the SDMC.
  2. Facilitate the teacher trainees in making them humane versatile, effective and reflective
  3. Team of RTE promoters from 4 divisions of Karnataka state work effectively for implementation of RTE Act and advocate for its effective implementation
  4. Strengthening the RTE Cell at the block level.
  5. Strengthening the child right clubs in schools.
  6. Training the children in Art and Craft.
  7. Sensitizing the community towards child rights.
  8. Sensitizing the elected representatives towards creating safe environments.
  9. Regular interaction with Govt. line department’s education, Panchayath raj, district administration and police.
  10. Strengthening the child protection systems in grass root level like CPC in schools and village level.
  11. Sensitizing the Panchayath towards the roles and responsibilities of officials and elected representatives in creating child friendly environment.
  12. Motivating the community such as self help group youth groups/clubs to work for promotion and protection of child rights.
  13. Networking with various stakeholders for effective implementation of child rights.

Ensuring Community participation for Protection of Child Right: PADI through its VALORED concept intervene in 8 taluks of D.K and Udupi, as a result people with the common interest joined  together in forming a network of Education and child rights enthusiast . Gradually a strong membership resulted in formation of Education Resource centre at taluk level and its Federation at District level. Education Resource centre have its own executive Committee, they are monitoring and running the ERC. Also have a action Plan and works for the betterment of education system.

Major activities of ERC-

  1. Advocacy
  2. Awareness
  3. Resource person team
  4. Conduct need based surveys and Studies
  5. Linkages with state level networks
  6. Redressal of Child right violation cases

Project-2. Childline Mangaluru (PADI)

  • 24*7 attending the distress calls
  • Counseling
  • Rescue and rehabilitation
  • Open house- creating awareness on child rights to the schools and community
  • Childline se Dosthi week
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